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Community and Cultural Significance

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Location and Details: 

  • Click on the Icon of the sites/species you would like to add. 

Set the location pin: 

  • Place your cursor at the approximate sites/species location on the farm. 
  • Click again to set the pin.

Adjusting the Pin/Icon: 

  • To move the Icon pin, click on the “Edit Item” checkbox at the top right-hand side of the map. 
  • Click on the pin and drag it to a new location. 
  • Untick the “Edit Item” box when satisfied. 

Adding a Photo: 

  • Add a photo by completing mandatory information, saving it, and then uploading an image through the Add/Edit form. 

Sites and Species Questionnaire: 

  • Answer Yes/No questions and complete the form. 
  • The system will assess any risks based on your responses. 

Location and Details  

You can now use the same process as you did for the farm centre, to add sites and species of significance to your farm map. Just drop a pin on the map and then complete the pop-up form. To add a photo, you must first complete the mandatory information and then save it. When you’ve added the Item, an Item container will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Click the down arrow in this container and then the edit button. The Add/Edit form will appear. Click the down arrow on the photo line and you can upload any image stored on your computer. Again, hit Save.