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Drawing your Farm Boundary Guide

2 minutesread

Access the Boundary Icon: 

  • Hover over the Boundary Icon. 
  • Click when you see the hand symbol. 

Define the Farm Boundary: 

  • Navigate to the map and click on the first point of the farm boundary. 
  • Move to the next convenient spot on the boundary and click again. 
  • Repeat this process to connect the complete farm boundary. 

Fill in Details: 

  • A form will appear; complete the necessary details. 
  • Click “Save.” 

Editing the Boundary: 

  • To adjust the boundary, click on the “Edit Item” tick box at the top right-hand side of the map. 
  • Highlighted points will appear, allowing you to move them. 
  • To adjust, click a node, hold, drag, and release it in your preferred location.   
  • Click inside the formed shape to save changes. 
  • Untick the “Edit Items” box.