User Guides

Infrastructure Overview

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Add Infrastructure: 

  • Utilize the familiar methodology to add infrastructure to your farm map. 
  • Drop an infrastructure pin on the map, and you’ll be prompted to complete all relevant information. 

Risk Assessment for Infrastructure: 

  • If the added infrastructure poses a risk, select “Yes” for this item having risk. 
  • Provide additional information as required to assess and address the identified risk. 

Edit Infrastructure: 

  • After saving the infrastructure item, you can edit it by clicking on the down arrow on the right-hand side and selecting “Edit.” 

Adding Actions to Mitigate Risks: 

  • Click on +Action to add an action to mitigate any risk associated with the infrastructure item. 

Select Risks: 

  • In the first form, choose the risk or risks that the action will mitigate from a drop-down list. 

Select Land Units: 

  • In the secondary form, specify the land units where this action will take place. 

Choose Mitigation Action: 

  • From a drop-down of possible actions, select the action that will be implemented to mitigate the identified risk. 

Save Action: 

  • Click on “Save” to confirm the selected risk mitigation action. 

Review and Edit Action: 

  • To review or edit the action, click on the down arrow for that item, then select “Edit.”