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Irrigation  – Overview

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The Irrigation page is a mapping page where the plan can highlight and address areas of the farm that are irrigated with fresh water. As is common to all the mapping pages it’s simply a matter of clicking on the relevant icon(s) to add these features to your plan. The features you can add include frost protection areas, irrigation areas, irrigation storage ponds, irrigation points and pumps, and soil moisture probes.

Again, common to most mapping pages, when you add an irrigation feature to the map you can then add any necessary details via the pop-up page. This includes any risks that may be relevant to the irrigation process.

If you wish to you can add some general comments on your irrigation systems in the comments box at the top of the page, you can create actions for the entire farm if this is appropriate, and you can upload any supporting documents relevant to the operation eg irrigation system tests, maintenance schedules etc.