User Guides

Land Unit’s Overview

2 minutesread

Access Land Unit Tool: 

  • Open the tool or application that allows you to create and detail land units on your farm. 

Click on the LU Icon: 

  • Locate and click on the Land Unit (LU) icon within the tool to start creating a new land unit. 

Draw Land Unit Boundaries: 

  • Use the drawing tool to outline the boundaries of the land unit. Consider distinctive characteristics such as flatness, rolling terrain, stoniness, etc. 

Form Pop-Up: 

  • Once the land unit boundaries are drawn, a form will pop up, prompting you to provide additional details. 

Add/Edit Land Unit: 

  • Give the land unit a name that reflects its characteristics. 
  • Select a color for the land unit (Note: color selection won’t be visible until you hit Save). 
  • Tick the Non-contiguous box if the land unit shares characteristics with another unit. Select the relevant LU from the drop-down menu. 

Inherent Vulnerabilities: 

  • Choose any inherent vulnerabilities for this land unit by using the drop-down selector. You can select more than one vulnerability. 

Additional Information: 

  • Click the down arrow and add requested details such as topography, soil types, etc. 

Enterprises and Activities: 

  • Click the down arrow and select farming activities that apply to this land unit. Choose from the available options. 

Further Detail – Pasture Drainage: 

  • Click the down arrow and then the Pasture Drainage down arrow. Add the requested information related to pasture drainage. 

Advanced Soils: 

  • Click the down arrow under Further Detail and then the Advanced Soils down arrow. 
  • Add detailed soil information if available. 

Review and Confirm: 

  • Review all the information entered to ensure accuracy and completeness. 

Save Changes

  • Hit the Save button to save the details of the newly created land unit. 

Repeat for Additional Land Units: 

  • Repeat the entire process for each land unit on your farm, ensuring that each unit is accurately described and detailed.